Bob Wagner

"Exquisite, Superb, Enlightening!" - "Tour de Burbs 2017"

What happens when an acclaimed trumpeter leads a quartet that combines classical melodies with jazzy grooves in unexpected ways?

Audiences make new connections with familiar music.

They listen, reminisce and smile.

Oh, and they cheer...a lot...Why?

Because Bob Wagner and his quartet are the real deal:

  • Individually, they've performed on the big stages:
    • New York (Carnegie Hall), LA (Disney Hall), Philly (Verizon Hall), and more.
  • Other musicians dig their artistry:
    • "...some of the best trumpet playing I've heard in years."
    • - Frank Kaderabek - Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Trumpet (Retired)
  • Reviewers LOVED their recent CD (Toot Suite):
    • "...superb performance that will offer die-hard jazz and classical music aficionados a tasty brass buffet"
    • - Nick Mondello

But most importantly...

Audiences love to be entertained and
The Bob Wagner Quartet delivers.

They Made a CD!
It's Called Toot Suite

The Sweet Sounds of Toot Suite - Tour de Burbs

Bob Wagner & His Trusty Piccolo Trumpet

The Bob Wagner Quartet made it's debut in the winter of 2017 in a four performance tour of venues in the Philadelphia suburbs. The centerpiece of their program was Claude Bolling's Toot Suite.

This highly entertaining six movement work features solo trumpet in a classical style soaring against a back-drop of hard driving, swinging grooves provided by a traditional jazz trio (piano, bass, drums).

Capacity audiences at all four venues were mezmerized by the beauty of the music, informed by the performers' insightful commentary, and amazed at the group's stellar musicianship and versatility.

"Excellent, outstanding, incredible display of technique, style, skill and talent. Bravo to all"

"Second time seeing this concert. Excellent musicianship"

"Stellar Performance!!! Fascinating to hear the variety of sounds with the five trumpets. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into these performances."

Penny Lane
Toot Suite

Add a Lecture / Master Class...

Bob Wagner is an experienced, engaging speaker and has a fascinating story to tell about his career journey from technology to music. (More info...)

A campus visit that combines an afternoon lecture/workshop with an evening performance by the quartet is a perfect opportunity for university students (any major - not just music) to gain valuable insights as they grapple with important decisions about their future.

This combined program is also suitable for college-bound high-schoolers confronted with the difficult choice of what to study at the next level.

Photo highights from the 2017 Tour 'de Burbs by Michael Difebbo
Trumpet Garden
Peter Laughing
Full Band Wide Shot
Bob with Bb Trumpet
Bob Speaking
Peter Black and White
Bob with Piccolo Trumpet
Sean and Bob